Americanism Programs

We do several programs, functions and projects yearly. Our Americanism programs in our public schools teach our students about our military history, the true meaning of military federal holidays, and letter writing campaigns to our service men and service women fighting in Afgahanistan and Iraq. We hold several contests for grades K-8th, awarding certificates to all participants and medals to the top three places.

To provide scholarship money and an opportunity to go to the national level, we host the annual Oratorical contest for our high school students and send several eleventh graders in the summer to the Boys and Girls and Law Cadet State Programs.

Projects such as OPERATION WARM HEART- sending Christmas stockings to our troops in remote foward operations areas (FOA) of Afgahanistan. The Auxiliary made sand scarfs for our troops and the community sent cards, letters, and posters throughout the year. These were just a few of the projects we have done.

We hosted a group of USO Style Canteen dances starting with the music heard during WWII, followed by the soundsof music listened during the Korean War and finally the Vietnam era music. The hall was decorated appropriately for that particular time period to include Betty Grable pin ups in the mens bath room for WWll and trivia items to bring back memories for each dance.

We interact with our Senior citizens with flag posting, visits and providing an avenue for them to help support our troops with various projects. Our Blue Star Flag program is on-going and we provide this service to any family that has a son or daughter serving in Afgahanistan or Iraq.

We provide fund raising functions to include dinners throughout the year; a flea market as well as programs for Veterans Day, Pearl Harbor Day, The Four Chaplains Ceremony and Memorial Day.

Our yearly involvement with the Boy Scouts for the proper retirement of the American Flag making sure that proper diginity for our national symbol is observed.

These are just a few items of what we do and we are always looking for new ideas and suggestions for improvement.