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Hot Wheels

American Legion Hot Wheels Program

There is a new program available to residents of Madison County, called the Hot Wheels Program.  The Madison American Legion Post 157 along with the Madison Department of Social Services (DSS) is accepting donations of used medical equipment to lend to members of the community in need. 

The idea came to Scott Bennett, the Vice-Commander of the Post, and a member of the Board of Directors for DSS,  in a courtesy shuttle from a local car dealer. The driver noticed he was a veteran and asked what happens to all the used wheelchairs which  the Veterans Administration (VA) provides when they are no longer needed? 

Since the VA does not have a way to get the equipment back; it stays with the family. This gave Mr. Bennett an idea. What if there was one place in the county that would accept and clean used wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, canes, and shower seats for distribution back into the community. 

In the past, several organizations would give out whatever equipment they had, but the service was never really advertised outside of their organization. 

So far, the program has been a great success. We have received many donations and distributed several shower seats, walkers, and wheelchairs to members of our community which was greatly appreciated. 

The equipment is available for long- or short-term use with no income or insurance requirements. It can be for a long-term disability or a relative or friend visiting you for a couple of weeks or less. All we ask is when you are finished with the equipment it be cleaned and returned.

The American Legion will accept any items listed above in reasonable working condition. To donate or request equipment please call 540-547-6160 and leave a message or email them at 

Items can also be just dropped off at the Post front porch at 310 Thrift Rd, Madison, VA 22727. If needed, a member of the Post can come by and pick up your donation.  (Porch pick only)