Veterans Day Contest
American Legion Post 157, Madison VA is sponsoring its second annual Veterans Day Student Contest.
The theme for this year’s event is:  “We Remember Your Sacrifices”.  Each student in their own words and creativity will express the importance of the many contributions veterans have made and are making to our country.  Due date is 4 November 2009.
This annual contest will be evaluated in the following grade-related categories (only one submission per student).
1st- 2nd Grade - Poster or Short Story
3rd - 5th Grade - Poster, Essay or Miscellaneous 
6th - 8th Grade - Poster (Two sub categories-computer or hand made), Essay or Miscellaneous
Poster, Essay and Miscellaneous Specifications
Poster : Size no larger than 24” X18”, any color.
Story: 1st - 2nd grade, hand written or computer generated, not to exceed one page.
3rd - 5th grade, handwritten or computer generated, not to exceed one page.
6th-8th grade, use the following scenario for your essay--You have been given an opportunity to speak at a formal Veterans Day ceremony. You need to decide what would best represent your thoughts on honoring these veterans and others that will be in the crowd.  Minimum of one page, not to exceed two pages. 
Miscellaneous: Anything that does not fit into the other categories. It can be no larger than poster size. Participates may use computers, photos, personal writings or a combination—these are just some ideas -- use a lot of imagination!
Insure full name, telephone, school, grade, teacher & category is on the back of all submissions.
All entries become the property the American Legion and will not be returned. They may be sent to our soldiers overseas or presented to local veterans in assistant living facilities to thank them for their service.
Home Schooled Children:  All children in grades one through eighth are invited to participate. They must follow the rules for their respective grades as stated above.                                                                   
All participates in grades (1-8) will receive a certificate.
1st - 8thth grade:  First through third place winners in each category will receive medals. Additionally the sixth - eighth first place essay winner will receive a cash award of $25.00. 
Please contact Don or Lisa Davis with any questions at 540-661-0454.
Lisa Davis, Vice Commander
American Legion Post 157