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contest winners

Americanism:  Lisa Davis

List of Winners in the Veterans Day contests in Madison County Public schools.

First Grade

1st Places:  Lexi Hamilton and David W. Riszet

2nd Places: Abby Sisk and Landen Daniel

3rd Places: Enoch Chung and Anna Finsham

Second Grade

 1st Places Adi Campos and Masion Ward

 2nd Places: Reagan Weakley and Hamen Perez

 3rd Places: Zach Backe and McKenzi Richards 

 3rd Grade

 1st Place: Jaydon A. Corbin

 2nd Place: Michelle Thompson

 3rd Place: Isabella Kline

  Honorable Mentions: Mason Wyes and Alayna Payne

 4th Grade

 1st Places: Ava Jenkins, Emma Bartys and Damajan Brown Robinson

  2nd Places: Noah Lam and Emmalyn Chasse 

  3rd Place: Elizabeth M. Broackman

  5th Grade

 1st Places: Anna Jenkins, Joey Johnson and Abby Johnson

  2nd Place: Syleema Beeler

  No 6th Grade


 7th Grade

  1st Place: Kaitlyn Sierra Adams

 8th Grade

 1st Places: Nicholas Coates, Adam Rockwell, Joseph Chung and Adrienne Woodward